The second episode of the Miller Estate has the player play as Ophelia. Most important objects you can interact with have a large Ophelia head flashing.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Go upstairs
  • Click on table
  • Turn on lamp
  • Open first drawer
  • Back out of newspaper
  • Back out from desk
  • Click on desk
  • Click on lamp
  • Click on closet
  • Use key on closet
  • Take paper
  • Back out from paper
  • Solve the puzzle by alternating between the first fingers and last fingers
  • Leave room
  • Go downstairs
  • Click on door
  • Put newspaper under the door
  • Use dagger on door
  • Click on shelves with small statues
  • Click on them again
  • Draw a star shape by clicking of the statues around the one in the center.

Optional clicks Edit

  • Click on door
  • Click on keyhole
  • Click on painting
  • Click the open window upstairs
  • Click on the small picture frame on the table
  • Open the other cupboard drawers
  • Use the key upstairs on the door downstairs
  • Read paper and newspaper upstairs
  • Use the dagger on the keyhole downstairs without the newspaper
  • Click on the window downstairs
  • Click on it again
  • Click on fireplace
  • Click on paper
  • Read it