Prescott Bridgeman
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 31
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Prescott Bridgeman is one of the four main

characters of Arcane.


Prescott Bridgeman is a big, strong 31-year old engineer. An orphan at a young age, he decided to learn about his roots and became a genealogy buff. He discovered he was a direct descendant of the Salem Witches' executioner, and that a curse had been placed on his family. A devout skeptic, he soon joined the American Associantion for Psychic Research, with the goal of disapproving any claims of supernatural powers by anyone, anywhere.
With his homemade infrared photographic film, motion sensor and other pseudo-scientific equipment, he has debunked serveral frauds all over North America.
His inquiries led him to meet Dr. MacDermoth and his daughter in several occasions. They soon started collaborating, and their partnership bacame even stronger once they collided with seemingly manifestations of the Great Ancients, but he still maintains a healthy dose of skepticism.