All of the events of the game in the first and second seasons are based on what is written in Ophelia's diary. Everything that happens to the heroes is written there. It happens when Mr Bishop is curious to know about Ophelia she says it's too complicated to explain, so she shows him her diary. The Volume 1 of the diary is what she's written about what happened to her, Prescott and Dr MacDermoth in the first season, The Miller Estate.

Season 1 Edit

Chapter One Edit

"It all began when Prescott Bridgeeman, my father Gregor and I spent a week in Duncan Creek, on the coast."

"Prescott had received a letter from his former landlord; I think she was called Mary Miller, she owned a Victorian estate over there; a charming place she used to rent to rich tourists during the summer."

"Unfortunately, she could no longer find any customers, because her house had aquired a nasty reputation."

"Her last tenant, a scientist named Alvin Carter, had stormed into the town's general store one day,"

"screaming that the house was haunted and then he had vanished without a trace! Over the next few days, the villagers noted other mysterious disappearances: first it was dogs, then cattle, then some of the tourists"

"The area's folks were quite superstitious, you'll understand; that was no more than enough to make them star clear of the house..."

Chapter Two Edit

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