Ophelia MacDermoth
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 20-30
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Ophelia is one of the four main characters of Arcane.


Ophelia MacDermoth is Dr. MacDermoth's only daughter, a beautiful and strong willed concert violinist in her early twenties. Her dark and mysterious personality may be related to her psychic 'gifts', over which she has imperfect control. Her father believes she gained thiese powers in the womb, when her mother was exposed to the Great Ancients' magic. Ophelia frequently experiences frightening nightmares, and believes they will never stop until the Great Ancients are banished from the Earth for all eternity.
Thanks to her psychic powers and keen minng, she is an equal partner in her father and Prescott's inquiries.

The Miller EstateEdit

Ophelia's first appearence in the game series is in the Miller Estate, episode 2. She is trying to concentrate and with her medium powers, she went to the second floor and found the corpse of the last tenant of the estate, Alvin Carter holding a torn piece of paper that doesn't make any sense for her. She could also find a wavy bloody dagger with the Elder sign that he was also holding. In the same bedroom she found a photo of The Cardinal, this picture would trigger a possession in which Ophelia would say a phrase in his words.