In the beginning, only Chaos existed, and the Great
Ancients ruled the universe.
But as the time passed, new Gods came into existence. An
epic struggle followed, and the Elder Gods were stricken
down, banished beyond the frontiers of the universe, and
condemned to roam the dark and cold dimensions of the
Uncrceated for all eternity. Rage has consumed these
Great Ancients ever since. They have an obsession: to
return to the universe from which they were exiled, and
restore the reign of Chaos.
Eons later a secret cult known as the Elder Star
Society, lead by the mysterious Cardinal, worked to help
the Ancients return to this world and rule humanity. Much
of the Cardinal's power comes from his arcane
knowledge. He owns copis of most of the forbidden
books, including the terrifying Necronomicon, also
known as the Book of Madness, written in 730 AD by
Abdul al-Hazred.
But the Society did not expect three investigators of
the supernatural, Ophelia MacDermoth, Prescott
Bridgeman and Gregor MacDermoth to stumble upon their
The first confrontation took place at the Miller Estate
in New England, where the three heroes were duped into
helping the enemy.
By defeating The Guardian, a dangerous native spirit
who was terrorizing the estate's inhabitants, Ophelia,
Prescott and Gregor unknowngly activated one of the
nodal points that form magical triangles over the surface
of the Earth. This is exactly what Cardinal wanted:
when three nodes are activated, enough energy will be
liberated by the gigantic mechanism to let the Elder Star
achieve it's dream of binging the Great Ancients back.