Baroness Vonarburg
Vital statistics
Position Alicia Blackowood
Age 50+
Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Baroness Vonarburg, also known as Alicia Blackwood is one of the characters that appear in Arcane: Stone Circle, and mentioned in the Miller Estate. She is also a member of the London Philharmonic Society. 


In the beginning of the second season (Stone Circle), the baroness sends a letter to Ophelia to enter her international violin contest. As soon as they arrived, a mysterious woman sent by Alicia Blackwood handed Prescott a letter, it was saying that they should meet her that night at the docks in her secret hideout. Later on, she writes to him saying that she is in dire straits (probably because she wanted the same things as the Elder Star, the beast's body parts) and that she wanted him to go to her secret hideout in the sewers, in a hurry, mainly because the next day she would be in Ophelia's concert. However, the mysterious woman would later be found dead in the River Thames, ostensibly killed by the Elder Star's henchmen or even by Alicia herself. The Baroness was getting ready for Ophelia's concert night. In the day of the presentation, right before Ophelia faint, the baroness kindly invited her to have dinner in her manor the next day. At the meeting in her estate, Gregor steered the conversation towards the past of the medieval England. With that, the baroness made a surprising proposition: if he wanted to learn about a specific event of that time, why not ask the people who lived through it? Despite Gregor's misgivings, Prescott's profund skepticism and Ophelia's own apprehension concerning amateur séances, the baroness gathered them around, with great enthusiasm and asked them to join hands to start the séance, that would lead to Ophelia finding the necklace of time. In the last episode, she goes with the heroes to Stonehenge. She eventually reveals her real identity, Alicia Blackwood and that she used them to awaken the beast for her so she can rule the world. However, she didn't know that it need the blood and flesh of the one who would free him, that was her, causing her melting body death. Alicia Blackwood was just corresponting with Alvin Carter, the Miller Villa's las tenant, so that she would get to know more about the guardian who lived below the estate. And only sent Ophelia the letter because she knew what they did and what they were capable of, so she could use them for her.

A Case of Identity? Edit

It is implied that Alicia Blackwood was not the real Baroness Vonarburg, but the "mysterious woman" who enlisted Prescott's help all along. This is the possible scenario: first, Alicia sported a memorable hairstyle (one bun on each side of her head, & which would draw attention away from her face), and handed Prescott the message about the rendez-vous; later on, she killed the real Baroness, changed the latter's hairstyle into hers, dressed the Baroness up in her clothes, and threw the Baroness' dead body into the Thames, allowing passers-by to discover the dead "mysterious woman". With heavy make-ups & identical hairstyle, Alicia could then easily impersonate the real Baroness.

As circumstantial proofs, Alicia's phonograph stated that while Prescott was listening, " I ", a.k.a. "the "mysterious woman" whom he'd seen, might have already been dead, implying that Alicia had already planned & carried out the death of this "mysterious woman", since even if the Elder Star could kill the "mysterious woman" at any time, Alicia could not predict when. If the "mysterious woman" were Alicia's accomplice, Alicia could have simply let this accomplice meet Prescott. Thus, that "mysterious woman" must've been Alicia, she could not meet Prescott as Alicia Blackwood and attend Ophelia's concert as Baroness Alicia Vonarburg at the same time.


Baroness Vonarburg as a child


Alicia's golden headgear was useful for Ophelia to travel through time and retrieve the amulet of Yhe.